Teaching Research

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Teaching Research

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For sometime I have been trying to teach my learners how to research topics in our 8th grade History class.  There are more research websites, strategies and programs and such out on the web than I care to mention.  It all boils down to three things; find the information you need, figure out what the evidence is telling you, and then do something with it. Art Costa’s “Three-Story Intellect brings this to light better than any other method I’ve seen.  Learners need simple methods, not complex patterns with check lists and handouts.  How often do we as professionals really work some long program.  

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Mr. Lanchorst’s class sounds like one I would like to take. As we move forward it is definitely one that I would like to teach.

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Visual note taking works well for many people.  Using graphic images to reocrd information works just as well as strictly written notes

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History with a purpose

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An hour never seems  long enough to get through all the information that we need to cover.  I created this space to give students and parents extra help for my class.  In these pages you will find links for homework help and notes from the weekly units.  History is the sum of human intelligence and its interaction with society.  It is the culture and the lives that we all live recorded in time.  Technology brings history closer to students than ever before and through learning how to research and communicate information is a 21st century necessity. The world measures our success  in our ability to do.  Together we can do amazing things as we prepare for the future.

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