How to’s and how not to’s

Below you will find formats and links to help you produce the best work that you can for this class.

How to write a historic essay.


Writing is extremely important to historians. The following format will help you create a persuasive essay that informs your audience.  A historical essay must be clearly and plainly written.  Never use the word “I’ in an essay unless you witnessed the event directly.  Never use the terms “I believe” or “I feel” use direct language such as “it is.”  Your reader must believe that you understand your subject and have done all the research.  Present your evidence and support your facts.  Follow the format below and the essay will practically write itself. 

I Introduction

           A.  The first sentence states who, what, when, and where.  The rest of the paper explains how and why.

           B.  Use the next two to three sentences to list the reasons for your argument.

           C. Thesis statement. The last sentence must clearly state your argument and explain why to your reader

II Body for each paragraph as follows Write a sentence that supports each item below.

           A. reason

           B. Example/

           C. Plan of action/ results/ appeal to emotion (1 to 2 sentences)

           D. Transition statement for next paragraph

           E. repeat for each reason

III Conclusion

           A. Summary of thesis

           B. Restate important reasons

           C. Final appeal

Follow the pattern and the essay practically writes itself    

How to create an argument.


When you are creating the argument for your essay make sure you can support your ideas with real evidence.  Just saying “no it isn’t” does not fulfil your responsibility to your reader.

“An argument is a collective series of statements to establish a definite proposition.”  -Michael Palin, Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

Are these gentlemen having an argument?


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